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Imbolc. Activities for the busy witch!

With our busy lives it can be a hassle to work magic every sabbat, but hopefully there's a few things we can do to make it convenient and magical. Break out of your old norms by trying new activities. This is a list of Imbolc activities to celebrate, or help you get excited if you're not really in the mood yet.

WHEN IS IMBOLC? Like most things in witchcraft it depends on who you ask. Most will agree it's February 2nd, but many pagans celebrate sundown to sundown. (We do.) What I love about this is it gives you a 3 day period to partake in activities, plan events etc. This means some pagans will do Feb 1st and 2nd, some will celebrate Feb 2nd and 3rd. Some witches will do the 2nd only. However, giving yourself a small grace period will help you find the right day, the right time and the right mood.


  • Construct a Brigid Cross: You'll find many tutorials on how to make a brigid cross yourself. It's easy, and can be made from anything from reeds to grass, rope to straws. It really doesn't matter, as long as you are weaving the cross, beckoning the sun to return.

  • Make a Brigid Bed: It's customary to give Brigid some place to rest as she makes her journey (similar to leaving Santa Claus cookies) Make up a small bed, a regular bed, a doll bed. It doesn't really matter as long as it's for Brigid to take a rest in over night. If the covers are ruffled the next day, she has visited and blessed your dwelling.

  • Light Candles: Imbolc is also known as Candlemas. You can't have enough candles lit for this Sabbat. (However, be safe please and only burn if it's safe to do so) Traditional candles for this event are white or green, but pink and red are also favored. White representing snow, green the returning plants and greenman, red/pink said to be the blood of the ewe.

  • Bless Seeds: If you garden there is no better time than Imbolc to ask the goddess for a healthy and abundant harvest. Place your seeds on the table and ask the powers that be to aid you in your earthly endeavor.

  • Cleanse Crystals: Crystals, like everything, need maintenance. If you haven't cleansed your crystals this year (or ever, yes I'm looking at you) grab some incense and smoke cleanse your crystals. Do this by simply passing your crystals through the smoke until you "feel" it's sufficiently cleansed, then move to the next. Getting rid of old energies to make way for new work, will help clear your intentions and enable crystals to do their work uninhibited.

  • Tie Clooties: A clootie is a natural fiber ribbon or twine (I use hemp) Tie a clootie near a body of water, a pond or stream. As you do this ask for healing from the natural waters. This practice isn't for manifesting but usually for healing only.

  • Eat Dairy Foods: Apologies if you are lactose intolerant, because Imbolc is the season of butter, cheeses, creams and yogurts. Make a small cheese plate, have an ice cream or buy a buttery pastry. It's in the name of Brigid after all, so it's ok to splurge a bit.

  • Do A Yearly Tarot Reading: No better time than at the beginning to give yourself a tarot reading or book one from a reputable source. Please do your research before picking just anyone to guide you. However, with an experienced reader, you can unlock exciting new avenues for the upcoming year.

  • Burn Yule Evergreens: Only do this activity if you have somewhere safe to do so. It's considered unlucky to have Yule evergreens (your tree, wreaths etc) adorning your home after Imbolc. Pagans would burn these items at Imbolc to start the flames of the new year and begin to bid farewell to winter spirits. If yours are up, but are artificial, you can still do this by taking them down and packing them away. While you do this, bid your winter spirits a fond farewell.

  • Utilize Cailleach The Hag Of Winter: On February 1st, Cailleach will emerge from her dwelling if it's sunny. She will gather wood on this day to prepare for a prolonged winter. When she emerges it signifies a much longer winter season. If it's cloudy, she will not emerge and will make her small supply last. When it runs out, Spring arrives early. While this sounds an awful lot like groundhog day, Cailleach is associated with numerous winter folklore stories! You can simply walk outside and be your own groundhog a day before the groundhog makes his prediction.

Thank you for visiting and hopefully this will give you a few ideas to get started. Please feel free to hit that like button, and put your own activities in the comments section. At SpellFire we're always open to new ideas, fresh perspective and fun activities. Happy Imbolc everyone.


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Mar 17

I love this! Please do this for every Sabbat! There were some here I’ve never heard of and are awesome!


Thank you for sharing this 🙏 blessed be

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