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Beltane Not Too Late to Celebrate

You'll find a ton of articles explaining Beltane, it's purpose and history. Sometimes, what we can't find is the meat and potatoes on how to celebrate. This is just a quick guide to activities, crystals, deities and food. It's not too late to celebrate!

When: Beltane is traditionally May 1st, also known as May Day. Many pagans observe sundown to sundown. That means Apr. 30-May1 or May 1- May 2. This gives a nice 3 day window so there's still time!


*Peer through willow rings: The fae materialize on Beltane, making them easier to spot. Many people look through the rings to see if they can catch a glimpse of the elusive fae folk.

*Wash in Beltane's morning dew. You need to be up early to give this one a try, but it's the easiest and free. While the grass, trees and plants are wet, run your hands through and wash your face in the morning dew. Those that wash in the morning dew are said to stay fair of face for another year.

*Have a small fire in a pit or even a BBQ. Beltane is all things fire!

*Dress up your broom or make one. Besoms (magical brooms are a symbol of Beltane) Sweep your problems away with it on Beltane.

*Make a wish on a willow tree.

*Leave offerings for the fae (cheese, sweets, berries, flowers)

*Decorate a space with flowers


*The Rose (any flowers such as lilac, hawthorn or honeysuckle will also do)

*Besoms (brooms)


*The Stag

*Men & women bodies



*Malachite, Rose Quartz, Carnelian


*Mother goddess

*Pan, The Greenman or the Horned God


*Fresh fruits




Beltane is a magical day and night. Don't let it pass you by without doing a little something. Even if it's just one activity, you'll feel the magic of folklore come alive.

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