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Oils, not just for anointing anymore!

I get asked a lot how to use oils, and what are they for. It's a broad question, but oils are used in offerings, anointing crystals, and altar tools, and yes for those pesky elbows, hands and heels. We chose Mystic Memories for for a few special reasons. They are blended with magic in mind, unique to Mystic Memories (and therefore us). The bottles are large, and they are mixed according to lore. If you haven't tried them YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Read below why Mystic Memories is by far the leader in oils for us here at SpellFire.

What makes our oils different? Each of our oils are carefully selected blends. We have found old mixtures from a lot of different places. Some of these blends date back hundreds of years, some come from magic spell books. Some oils come from home remedy books, and some are a mixture that we (Mystic Memories) have put together. They all have been blended with carrier oil. This actually adds to the strength of the oil. It also makes it safer to apply them to human skin. (all oils should be tested with a small amount the first time in a nonsensitive area).

The only place you will find the oils just like ours is here, and only with Mystic Memories. No one else has these blends, nor do we have someone else's blend. The amount of oil is larger than most oil makers offer. These are 50 ml bottles, while many only offer 10-30ml if you're lucky! We wanted to offer an amount that people could enjoy and not have to count the drops.

Legend and lore is very important to us. If the legend says that the blends should be done during a full moon then that's when we do them. We follow all of the legend and lore to make sure what we blend is just what we believe was used in the past. We strive for the best, and make sure that any of the oils we blend serve the magic, not hinder it. Please check us out on under the Apothecary. You will not be disappointed!

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