Zaanti Lavender Soap
  • Zaanti Lavender Soap

    So excited to partner with the shop! All her items are packaged differently (even when the scents are the same) beautifully packaged, and they're large!


    About this soap!

    There is honestly nothing that Lavender can not do, did you know there are over 40 varieties of Lavender?

    It is the most versatile of essential oils, frequently referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils. It is an adaptogen oil, which means that it can either stimulate or relax your nervous system, depending on what your body needs in the moment.

    Some of the benefits of Lavender oil include elevating your mood, reducing anxiety, healing cuts and scrapes, eliminating the itch of bug bites, soothing burns and helping you sleep.

    It is truly a powerhouse essential oil and we are so excited to offer this soap.