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Yule/Winter Solstice Sabbat Kit

Our Wheel of the Year Sabbat Kits are famous.  These kits include the beautiful artwork of Vanessa LaDue on the cover, created just for us here at SpellFire.  The pages include folklore of winter solstice, yule and christmas, from all over the globe.  It describes how and why our winter traditions came to be, old activities, recipes and more.  There is a ritual set up map and a beautiful ritual to help guide beginners or pros to the beauty of solstice.   In addition, you receive a whole pack of ritual tools, candles, incense, crystals and much of what you need for the ritual itself.   These are beautiful gifts for everyone, not just pagans.  

   **These are a specialty item hand created, so they will not ship out until December 14th***

The kit includes:

*Cover art work by Vanessa Ladue

*Specialty Lip Balm by FromtheEarth

*Huge Selenite Crystal Sphere -by SpellFire

*Custom Altar Cloth-by SpellFire

*Beautiful candle snuffer-by SpellFire

*Hand poured tree candle, infused with hand gathered pine sap- by Hummade

*Wooden Chalice-by Spellfire

*Incense for the season- by Spirit Mountain Crafts

*Chime candles for ritual-SpellFire

*Pine smudge-by Hummade

*Various items for the activities pages-by SpellFire



    We do not issue refunds here at SpellFire as we are a small, independent company.  However, if there is a problem with your order, we want you to be happy.


    Shipping is free this season, use promocode: Fall2019