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    This is a beautiful opalite crystal heart pendant and necklace.  It's just a little something to say, "I love you on social media"  There will be a promo code released on Twitter, that allows a 40% off code, so you can send these beauties to someone far away, secretly.   Once purchased, in the comment section, give the @handle of the person you want it sent to. (Or DM on Twitter)  We at SpellFire will get their information, and send them this beautiful secret gift.   ***UPDATE THE PROMOCODE IS SECRET2020 GIVING YOU A 10.00 DISCOUNT TO OFFSET SHIPPING AND THE COST!!!***  DON'T FORGET TO USE IT AT CHECKOUT!


    It includes the following:

    1.  Natural Opalite Pendant

    2.  Scroll with limrick, and opalite use

    3.  Three chime candles with black ribbon

    4.  Goddess Sticker

    5.  Organza bag.


    These are limited, and yes, we'll even be giving some away to those we admire!!!   Don't miss the chance to be part of the SpellFire secret fun!!!!  **ALL PROCEEDS GO STRAIGHT TO THE SPELLFIRE GARDEN THIS YEAR TO HELP US PRODUCE ALL NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL GIFTS THIS YEAR**