Scottish Tartan Velvet Shawl w/black
  • Scottish Tartan Velvet Shawl w/black

    This is for a Stevie Style Shawl, that is a full 57x57.  These are super luxurious and gorgeous on.  This shawl will be complete and ready to ship 24 hours after it is purchased. Dont miss these special shawls, because the fabric is EXTREMELY limited.


    Our shawls are born out of sheer need. We could not find quality, length etc that we felt was worthy of our Stevie loving guys/gals, so we decided to just design one ourselves! 


    Our shawls are substantial, made of high grade lace or velvet, 4" high quality fringe on ALL 4 sides, and measure 57x57 to 60x60.  This is large enough to hang to the knee in the back, be worn as a skirt, shirt or dress!  Don't miss them, they are gonna go quick!