Real Deer/Stag Skull-Unique
  • Real Deer/Stag Skull-Unique

    As with all our oddities, this was found on the trail here at SpellFire.  The rest of the skeleton had obvious coyote bite marks, so this was naturally killed, and weathered not hunted by humans.  The skull still has a bit of the antler showing, and makes an amazing oddity that you know is ethically sourced and found.   The deer/stag is great for Mabon altars or any skull is appropriate for Samhain altars.


    This skull has been soaked in hydrogen peroxide twice to clean it, then bleach to make sure it is safe to handle.  **BE ADVISED if you want it whiter, you will have to bleach it further on your own, or even put it in the sun.  It is also VERY sharp, so please handle with care***


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