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  • Rainbow Fluorite Large Heart

    We hand pick all our crystals for size and color.  These hearts are big at approx 3" across and they are heavy over 200+grams a piece.  Flip through the photos to see the amazing colors.  If you want one pictured specifically include that in your message, and we'll do our best to get it, if it hasn't sold.  Rest assured there are no "left overs" in our groups.  All our crystals are stunning!

    Rainbow Fluorite aids in creativity, astral travel, divination and dreams.  It's the perfect crystal for Samhain and Halloween.


      We do not issue refunds here at SpellFire as we are a small, independent business. However, if there is a problem with your order, we want you to be happy.


      Shipping is free this season.  Use promo code: Fall2019