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Imbolc is a major pagan/wiccan sabbat falling on Feb. 2nd.  These amazing kits include everything you need to learn, understand and experience the power of the old religion and activities first hand. Imbolc marks the return of the sun, and gives a kick start to Spring.  ***THESE ARE SET FOR JANUARY 25TH, 2020 DELIVERY AND MAKE AN EXCELLENT DATE NIGHT OR GIRLS NIGHT***


This kit includes the following so far (More items come online as artists are added)

*Incense by SpiritMountainCrafts in the correct fragrance and herb combinations for Imbolc.

*Goddess candles- provided by Spellfire

*Fire starting pack -by Hummade

*Brigid Cross-by Hummade

*Brigid posters-provided by Spellfire

*Corn Dolly Activity Materials- provided by Spellfire

*Recipes-provided by Spellfire

*Unique ritual set up -by Spellfire

*Lore and information pack-by Spellfire

*Unique Cover art-by FatCat

*Large Crystal appropriate for Imbolc-by Spellfire

*Chime candle set-by Spellfire

* Clootie Activity items-by Spellfire

*Willow Priapic wand making activity materials-by Spellfire

*Seedling in a bottle activity materials-by Spellfire

And more!  These are extremely labor intensive and sell out EVERY SINGLE time, so please do not wait!  Ordering early, ensures we can order larger quantities and provide MORE kits.   There are only 10 available currently.