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  • HUGE Heart Box of Crystals!

    This is the ULTIMATE crystal heart set, and you will not find hearts this large unless you fight for them!   Every crystal here at SpellFire is hand picked before it makes it to our site.  


    These hearts are VERY VERY LARGE!  (Some tipping at 300grams EACH)   Here's what you receive. 

    1. Large Metal Heart Tin (larger than the one you see here!) 

    2. 7 massive crystal hearts. (Selenite, Orange Selenite, Celestine, Agate, Rainbow Fluorite, Rainbow Chakra and Rose Quartz)   These bad boys are ENORMOUS.

    3.  Red, White and Pink Candle set with ribbon.

    4.  Scroll with Valentine Ceremony.


    This is over 1100 grams of stones.  Don't miss out...there's only 1.