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Hand Forged Athame

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This beautiful Athame (ath uh mae) is made of damascus steel folded over 176 times, to create it's beautiful pattern.  It was made here at Spellfire by our BlackSmith and is one of a kind.   The handle features repurposed African Mahogany (which you cannot get now) with birch bark spacers.   It's absolutely beautiful.    This is the highest grade Athame that we offer, and can make them out of regular steel at a reduced price if needed.   This Athame was dedicated/charged on Super Blood Wolf Moon.  (The eclipse) Again, there is only one of these.


    At SpellFire our Athames are hand forged by Humm, our resident black smith.   All our knives can be made out of carbon steel or damascus, and the metal extends full tang into the handles.  The handles can be customized by wood type.  All knives/athames are forged by traditional hammer and anvil methods, over open charcoal fires.  Handles are constructed in Scandinavian designs.


    At SpellFire we strive to make high quality products that are affordable to everyone.  We are not a corporation, so all sales are final.  Be SURE about what you are ordering.  However, if there is a quality issue we will be glad to assist you.  We want you happy.


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