Fire Starting Bundle

Fire Starting Bundle

These bad boys might not be beautiful, but MAN they work.  These are 100% birch bark base and column, filled with pine sap gathered right here on the SpellFire trail.  The kindling inside is a quick start and all natural.  These are amazing for camping or teaching someone to use a flint and steel.  (I actually had never used one, and started this on my first try!)  This will light lightening quick with a flint and steel even in the worst of conditions.  We tested this in a snow storm, and still got a 25 minute blaze.


These must be used in a safe environment, outside by and only in designated burn safe areas. 


**CAUTION** These burn extremely hot, and we will not sell if you are under 18. (Yes we check)  Spellfire is not responsible if you burn yourself, your clothing, your property etc.


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