Enormous 14x18 Cat Book of Shadows Journal
  • Enormous 14x18 Cat Book of Shadows Journal

    These enormous 14X18 journals are a stunning piece to any  collection.  This journal is 100% leather bound, with TRIPLE clasp closure and fully embossed both front and back. Every journal contains hundreds of beautiful natural fiber paper, so it feels and looks old and authentic.  


    THIS DESIGN IS 100% A SPELLFIRE EXCLUSIVE.  THERE ARE LITERALLY ONLY 2 IN EXISTENCE RIGHT HERE!  We have seen a journal this size in shops for over 350.00!!!  Don't miss it, because we can only get a few!!!


    You will not be disappointed, and we have designs here at SpellFire you will not find anywhere else.  Click through the pictures to see the back, and the designs up close.  Be aware that due to the genuine leather, the colors do vary within the leather, and the patterns  add to it's natural beauty.


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