• Custom Rosette Favor Package

    This is a fantastic deal, and you get 10 custom 1.5" (full size) rosettes in your choice of colors.  Our rosettes are bridal grade satin, with clip pins so they do not ruin costumes/hats, double felt back so they look clean and professional.    You get lots of choices!  Scroll through the photos to see just a few of the hundreds of options.


    1.  You can choose 2 rosette colors (or all one color if you prefer)

    2.  You can choose 2 ribbon colors  (or all one color if you prefer)

    3.  You can choose what types of charms you want. (We have all kinds, and will let you know if there's an issue getting your request)

    4.  You can choose some rhinestone detailing or none (no extra cost)

    5.  Then we will make different combos in your colors so you have unique items to choose for each person, or we can make them uniform for guilds etc.


    Once complete with purchase, we will email you to make sure you get exatly what you want.  We need 36 hours to complete.  That's it, and they are shipped out immediately!  All colors are available!  


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