Ceremonial Humm Drum
  • Ceremonial Humm Drum

    One of the first available. Our drums are 100% hand made by Humm himself. 

    What makes a SpellFire drum different?  Everything.  Read the list below to learn why!

    1.  The hollowed log must be found in nature (very rare)  This means that insect activity must hollow the log, all the way through, before rot takes hold and destroys the log completely.

    2.  They are then lit on fire through the center to clean and hollow them further.

    3.  Then all the charred inside is further removed by hand chiseling.

    4.  The outside of the drum ends are covered with 100% natural raw hide, wetted to fit, sun dried and tied down.

    5. Finishing lace is tied around the drum to keep it secure. 

    6.  These drums can be tuned for different sound (that's right....weird huh!?!?)


    No modern technique other than a hole punch is used.


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