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  • Brigid Cross

    SKU: 671253175371

    Brigid Crosses were very common in Celtic Ireland.  It is believed the Goddess Brigid would light her fires to bring about Spring.   It is common to see Brigid Crosses in late winter and early spring as a beckoning to Brigid to end the cold winter.   Brigid Crosses can be used all year as a symbol for protection.  


    At SpellFire our Brigid Crosses can be hung or made to burn in bonfires etc!   They are super fun to wish upon, then burn to Brigid herself.   Again the more you buy, the cheaper they get.  These measure 18" to 24" across (pretty big) and can be made VERY large if you desire.  20.00 ea  or B2G1F!  Use Promo code Brigid2019


      All altar tools are made from naturally gathered items, unless otherwise specified.   We personally grow much of the herbs/components used in our products.  


      At SpellFire we strive to make high quality products that are affordable to everyone.  We are not a corporation, so all sales are final.  Be SURE about what you are ordering.  However, if there is a quality issue we will be glad to assist you.  We want you happy.